Simurgh short story award

The final celebration of the 6th Simurgh short story award

۶ / may / 2023

mostafa bayan / President of the Simorgh Society and Short Story Award

maryam eslami / Children’s writer and poet

Appreciation of Maryam Eslami, a children’s writer and poet, at the closing ceremony of the 6th Simurgh Short Story Award

Simurgh statue, diploma of honor and 10 million tomans for the story “Mauli Mauli” written by Hamon Hajjar from Tehran Iran / selected by the national section

The stories “Near Encounter” written by Zoya Salehpour from Sweden, “By the credit of Mahi Kharo” written by Darya Chobin from Bandar Abbas and “Khefe Khoon” written by Fatemeh Haji Parvaneh from Tehran were recognized as worthy of recognition, and the prize of this section was a diploma of honor and a sum of one million Tomans. Is.

Fatemeh Daghestani, Masoumeh Dehnavi, Hamon Hajjar, Sara Aishabadi and Khatire Kaysari.

Winners of the regional section (specially for Neyshaburi writers):

The statue of Simorgh and diploma of honor are shared jointly for the two stories “Maina Khali” written by Sara Aishabadi and “Door Be Door” written by Masoumeh Dehnavi / the amount of 5 million Tomans is divided between the two main winners in this section.

Two stories “Cherry Blossom” written by Fatemeh Dagestani and “Kesi Ke Naboda” written by Khatereh Kaysari were presented as worthy of recognition, and the prize of this section is a diploma of honor and a sum of one million Tomans.

may 2023 / neyshabour / Iran


Final celebration of the 6th Simorgh short story award

Final celebration of the 6th Simurgh short story award

۲۰۲۳ May

Neyshabour / Iran

The names of the judges and final candidates of the 6th Simurgh short Story Award were announced

“Simurgh Neyshabur short Story Award was founded in 2015 by the initiative of Mustafa Bayan, the founder of “Simurgh Neyshabur Story Association” and with the participation of the private sector, and the purpose of this literary award is to discover, introduce and produce creative and superior works of fiction.
Simurgh Neyshabur Story Award is the only independent and private award in the east of the country; And it is also the only literary event in Neyshabur that takes place in the world.
During this period, 600 writers from inside and outside the country sent stories. Most of the stories in this period were sent from Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Fars, Isfahan, Khuzestan and Gilan respectively. Also, stories from America, England, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Austria, Sweden and Turkey have reached the secretariat of this literary award.

There are six referees in this course
Kaveh Fuladi Nesb
Ansieh Malkan
Mahyar Rashidian
Mohammad Asadi
Masoumeh ghadrdan
A.H. Ruhniya
Founder and director of Simurgh short story association and award
Mostafa Bayan

حامد اناری، مصطفی بیان و جواد دهنوخلجی
معصومه دهنوی / نفر اول